barnes tsx review

But, the TTSX doesn’t dispose of the best features of its non-tipped predecessor.

The TSX was introduced in 2003 and has become Barnes' most popular hunting bullet.

They don’t come apart and send lead fragments into the meat either.. We have ran the 243 80g TTSX Vortex ammo in an old Sako and it shoots under .5 center to center and has killed numerous deer and hogs.

My farthest shot, 292 yards on a solo boar, just dropped him. did just fine with the performance of the Barnes TSX. Recently I received a Weatherby Vanguard II in 7nm08 in the Hog Reaper model which sports a lightweight 20″ barrel. Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Big Bore Takes Down Big Texas Boars! The barnes triple shock is a very misunderstood bullet. Try these all-copper bullets and realize the added benefits of improved accuracy, reduced … The deer was hit in the heart, and ran about 40 yards. Should be wicked in the Barnes TTSX. Moving on, with a 200-yard zero, the TSX drops 6.9 inches at 300 yards, 20.2 inches at 400 yards and 41.1 inches at 500 yards, and a 10-m.p.h.

Barnes 6.5 Grendel Initial Results.
If you’re looking for weight retention and expansion, I apologize. The grooves also increase accuracy. This makes it a lead free, mono-metal bullet. Triple Shocks are tough but they expand fast, even in 100-pound deer. Over the years, there have been many variations of premium ammunition produced.

Federal loads several varieties of copper bullets, including Trophy Copper and Power-Shok Copper. However, this does not mean they do not expand on small or thin-skinned game. My velocity is 2964 with one and 2890 with the other. Your email address will not be published.
I’m now eager to see how their new Grendel loaded ammo performs. They are EVERYWHERE.

It’s a 100% copper body with a polymer tip. Because the lower magnification let me see a hog running straight at us! These grooves help eliminate cooper fouling in the barrel, but they also improved accuracy. In fact, don’t be surprised if they shoot as good or better than any other bullet in your rifle. I've got a pot of venison chili in the crock pot right now courtesy of an 85 grain TSX from a 240 wby mag. Lots of them. I have 2 7-08's and my best loads with 140 TSX or TTSX and 140 bt is 43.5 imr-4064. Some of the shooting is great, some could be better, but we recover 45 bodies.

I shoot TTSX out of most of my rifles.

And they need to impact at a minimum of about 2000 fps to deliver measurable expansion.


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