ball python spurs missing
Sorry to be so late responding to your question, but I’d recommend that you have your vet check her out if she’s still making strange breathing sounds. That’s normal for ball pythons, and it’s actually a good sign. one thing I haven’t been able to find any info on is this. The $7 ball pythons themselves are wonderful, neat snakes; no one who chooses to maintain ball pythons gets shorted, they are all great snakes. Relatively early in my snake-keeping career, I had the “opportunity” to work with thousands of imported ball pythons (in those days, captive-bred ball pythons weren’t widely available). Seriously, I hope others read your comment and learn from you. Lucy is 15 years old, she has not gone into hiding for two days now and has been basking under the lamps. They are generally small, though some individuals can have quite large ones though males will usually have longer and more pointed spurs than a female. Don’t worry – pushing against the screen top is pretty normal. > Further Reading: The Ball Python Habitat. However, over the month and a half he has become quite defensive at night. But captive-bred ball pythons are generally very healthy, hardy and resilient animals, and they’re among the more docile snakes available to hobbyists. Ball pythons clearly fall into the latter category. Get the latest science news with ScienceDaily's free email newsletters, updated daily and weekly. Have any problems using the site? She hasn’t come out of her hide yet unless I get in the cage to take her out. I realize that this advice probably won’t help you now, but it may help someone else in the future. It’d probably be a good idea to have your vet check your snake out. If I’ve learned one thing in my time as a snake keeper it’s that sometimes they’re just being weird without a reason, so I just wanted a second opinion if any of this sounds concerning, or if I should just not worry too much until I see more alarming signs, and what to look out for. Adult rats range from 40-600+ grams. Same with our python, Shes less than Year old. But, just be aware that caring for a clutch of baby ball pythons is a lot of work, so consider your actions carefully. Unusual breathing is a pretty common issue for snakes that are in a shed cycle. We detail exactly how much ball pythons are supposed to be eating, whether they’ve just hatched or they’re 10 years old. No, ball pythons are not re-generators like crabs and such. Optimal temperatures and humidity levels are species-specific. That’s probably not great to hear, but you sound like you are taking excellent care of your pet, and she’ll likely have a great chance of recovery with your vet’s help. On behalf of your snakes, I want to thank you for trying so hard to give them a high quality of life. In fact, it may actually help the snake feel a bit more secure while he is dealing with all of the changes going on in his life. Just be observant and look out for the symptoms of illness mentioned above. Stress – such as often occurs when bringing a snake home or transferring him to a new habitat – will often cause snakes to refuse food. Many of them will, in essence, become paints on the palette to create "designer" ball pythons. If this behavior continues, then your ball python can develop raw spots and sores on its head and/or nose. Be sure that the water is only deep enough to cover your snake’s back – he shouldn’t have to swim to keep his head above water. Thanks for reading, and we wish you the best of luck with your pet! That’s because ticks and mites will hide around the enclosure while they digest their blood meal. Sorry for the delayed response, but he sounds fine. At the time of this writing there are F2 eggs incubating that will demonstrate if this is a simple recessive mutation, the culmination of five years of work. Snakes – and specifically ball pythons – will drive you crazy at times by fasting. Snakes can catch parasites just like any other pet. It primarily affects boids, especially boa constrictors, but it can also affect pythons. Provide it with a small, shallow bowl of fresh water. But it probably wouldn’t hurt to head to the vet to double check everything anyway. Sorry it took us so long to respond! This is brand new behavior and I’m not sure what to do about it. And what kind of tortoise/turtle is it? It sounds like her habitat is set up well, and you’re working with your vet! My boyfriend and I rescued 2 ball pythons who were deathly sick and the vet only gave them 50/50 chance. He ate a mouse for me on the second day I had him, but ever since, he has stayed in his warm hide, and has not come out in 24 hours now. High-gold ball pythons are extra-pretty babies.


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