ashwini nakshatra mahadasha

The Puranas relate that the 2 Ashwini Kumaras Dasra (The Destroyer) and Nasatya (Untruth) were born to Mother Sanjana/ Tvastri and Father Sun.They are also called as the Twin Sons of Sun and the Sky (or Cloud Goddess) and refereed to as the Bright Harbingers of Usha (The Dawn).

She is extremely patient.

The puranas relate that the 2 ashwini kumaras dasra and nasatya were born to mother sanjana/ tvastri and father. A particular sequence of planets is followed for their Mahadashas. The males born in the Ashwini Nakshatra will almost always have a handsome face, and bright and big eyes. The Ashwini Kumaras Represent the Transition from Darkness to Light, Cosmically and Metaphysically.

During the Mahadasha, every planet influences the native’s life depending upon various factors.

Favorable : Auspicious for Beginnings like Learning New Things, Laying Foundation, taking Medicines, Rejuvenation and Healing, Self/Physical Improvements, Brisk Thought/Action, Equestrian Activities, Buying/Selling, Travelling, Vehicle Repair, Wearing Jewellery/Clothes, Occultism, Law, Sacred Installations, Renaming Unfavorable : Marriage, Conclusions, Emotional and Sexual Activity, Actions Requiring Patience, Intoxication, Body Part: Knees and the Top Portion of the Feet, Gotra (Clan) : Marichi (names translates as the “Light and the Swift One”), We are RVA Astrologers and are into horoscope reading, Kundali matching and all kind of astrology services. They scale the skies showering their healing energies on the earth plane.

In Ashwini nakshatra love life, anyone from both the partners, has to struggle because such marriages either end in a divorce, separation or even the death of a spouse.

All material ideas and thoughts will manifest in this pada.

They Travel the Sky in their Three-Wheeled, Spring Bearing Golden Chariot Drawn by Birds of Horses and the Charioteer’s Seat is Divided in Three Sections. Know about Ashwini Nakshatra meaning, male and female characteristics of Ashwini constellation. But, there will be a risk of you becoming impulsive and excessively assertive which may scatter your energy here and there. The Nakshatras in Vedic astrology are lunar constellations and directly manifest its expressions. She will work devotedly till the age of 50 but will quit her job after that, mainly because she will be comfortably off financially, and also because she would like to do some social work.

This star Ashwini is called “kula” (Tribal or caste) star. The natives born in Ashwini Nakshatra are good-looking, well-mannered, intelligent, and skilled in their work. By self-effort and natives wit, the person can accumulate wealth.

It is governed by Venus. After Indra cut of the rishi’s head.


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