aquarius man leo woman pros and cons
For a more accurate match, it is necessary to do a synastry compatibility calculation. The romantic compatibility of Leo and Aquarius has the ability to blend two very different worlds that work together in the best ways possible. Virgo Not to mention both signs possess mutual qualities of commitment and loyalty, that can make Leo and Aquarius relationship last for a very long time. Very compatible signs people don’t understand how much of a love match these signs are although aqariuses is leos opposite there are so many similarities. Can this zodiac couple be together? The quality that suits him the most is that of being an incurable idealist. What you’re doing wrong is using his energy against him, you’re light, he’s dark. I told him im not coming back and can he he;lp me. Conversely, Aquarius lacks the social graces that Leo possess; they are charmed by the passionate nature of Leo. Libra There are no other matches that this holds true for more than a Leo and Aquarius pairing. The key qualities they seek in their career and job is freedom, flexibility, creative outlet, supportive team, growth, and appreciation. However, it works in favor of Leo and Aquarius compatibility to amplify the attraction they will for each other. After all we were best friends. Stubborn traits can make relationship awry. But he’s probably too excited to be around you to want to dive that deep. ... Pros And Cons. I let him go.. Its been 5 years.. and suddenly i get a call from him, saying he wanted to try again.. some part of me was happy but confused, hurt , angry.. the virgo in me, was skeptic and asked a million questions.. nothing felt right.. i only had a 10 min break so i told him i would call him when i get off.. i was so anxious that night i didnt call until the next morning.. i asked AGAIN why he called me, especially based on our last convo.. he only pointed out the positive parts of our last interaction.. i grew angry telling him so.. he was insulting my intelligence by not acknowledging the mistake…. It’s all just a matter of perspective. Aquarius man has little sympathy for the Leo woman. Its been a week, and i feel every emotion. You want to get together and just enjoy each other’s company and catch up.. light-hearted and fun. Aquarius men are far too independent to be bothered by feeding her ego to a reasonable level. Taurus Forgive and forget and truly mean it. But she enjoys their lovemaking on a primal scale, while he needs more cerebral stimulation. Individuals who possess what you lack or who are fearless where you are fearful are very attractive. The Leo woman Aquarius man instantly connect and can go for hours just getting to know each other. However, their pragmatic qualities make them the best zodiac love matches. Aquarius and Leo make a perfect match, Your email address will not be published. Each sign has the stubborn traits that can make them a bit awry in a relationship. You want to address the issue that is still lingering in your mind and he wants to feel that connection you two shared and remember how good it felt to be in sync with you. And Aquarius loves the creative passion that Leo exudes. Aquarius men are very much independent and like doing things their own way. As extreme optimists as well as extreme extroverts, it is nearly impossible to bring down the moods of this star-crossed pair. If they can do that, they can do anything! Ive been dealing with on and off an Aquaruius whom ive known since 2010. Read about Aquarius man sexuality. Now, this is where some of their differences come into play, as the Leo woman is more physically passionate and he is more mentally engaged. Leo is in Aquarius’s 7th house (house of marriage) and Aquarius is in Leo’s 7th house. Aries Aquarius possesses a flexible nature that is not often affected by Leo’s nuances; they provide the love and affection to their partners in just the right doses. Sagittarius I am a Leo women and I lost my Aquarius man in a car accident 43 years ago. Leo can open up about their weaknesses in front of Aquarius, as Aquarius will never make the Leo feel inferior. The desire for all things fun and exciting often brings out the childish side of both Aquarius men and Leo women. Scorpio We were together 2 years total. Both signs are known for their intelligence, so there is unlikely to be much they can’t appreciate together. We were on the 5 mins before he hung up because i asked him if the only reason he called me was because of the request. leo and aquarius Compatibility - The Pros. Leo has a royal and regal nature that naturally needs attention, be it real or fake. He seemed sadder, telling me his oldest son felt he didnt love him because hes listening to his mother’s negative comments about his fathering. I will never forget that man, and I have never been with anyone that I was so connected with. The Aquarius man in love isn’t as willing to stroke her ego as others, for he finds this to be tedious. The Leo woman and Aquarius man both have the fierce stamina and can keep up with their partner’s every desire. And that’s not saying either one of you was right or wrong. The Leo woman Aquarius man couple just have to remember to focus on their strengths and give each other a break once in a while. Aquarius Man & Leo Woman Love Match. Leo is a fixed fire sign whereas Aquarius is a fixed air sign, the Leo woman Aquarius man compatibility gets an ONE Hearts rating. The love match that includes Leo and Aquarius is one that shares many areas of common interests. Aquarius men don’t walk away and never look back. She wants someone to stalk the plains with her, and he’s looking for someone to share in his exciting adventures. Their intelligence can occasionally cause them to be condescending to coworkers if they firmly believe other suggestions are substandard. We had sex, and i got pregnant. But at that moment, you are being interviewed as the possible answer. Aquarius is not equipped to provide this adoration to their Leo partners as they do not know how to show superficial devotion to their partners. H?e hasnt called me… I still dont know why he called me…Is there an ulterior motive? They can become the greatest couple of all times because of their excellent sexual and romantic compatibility. What he’s doing wrong, is trying to try over, but skip where you both left off, which isn’t “starting over”, but it’s literally starting over. As opposing signs, there is a fiery and magnetic attraction between Leo and Aquarius.


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