aldi zero carb bread discontinued
Due to the limited space in our stores, we are unable to carry every product consistently throughout the year. But here they are in my possession. my Aldi, now carries an all natural peanut butter! She responded with the fear of the new virus, people are going bonkers and are getting extra water. Our New Line Of Thanksgiving Merch Is Here! My neighbors make fun of me because every garbage day has an Amazon Box in it and my kids make tease because when they’re not sure where I am they just tell each other mom’s at Aldi’s. If you are dairy-free then you need Ghee in your life! She was told it was due to lack of supply because the bakery is too small of an operation to meet demands. Got an email yesterday, which sounded straight up negative. It was far cheaper to receive and purchase the product from them, whereas in order for me to afford the ThinSlim bread, I believe in total it was around 50 dollars. BUT it does mean that it's being restocked somewhere out there and this is as good a time as any to keep your eyes peeled. I could see this definitely being a bread I would use if I had it on hand at all times. Here’s the response we got: We always appreciate hearing from our customers. First off the multiseed has about 5 more calories per slice versus the wheat. Anyone following a low carb or keto diet may have felt the strain in their pocketbook. Just an fyi for those in the Chicago area…Now its dirty keto, but there’s a bread that when you subtract the fiber its 2 carbs per slice. It’s been over a year and I have not felt or looked this good since my 20s. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3ae2202de25fdfe5aa8f27bc71680b5" );document.getElementById("c8fea9fb47").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. It is a good bread, but the flavor is super subtle. Give me a break! We go through an INSANE amount of butter here. How did you find out that it was discontinued? I finally got some. My first impression just holding the loaf is that I could smell the bread through the bag, and it smells like actual wheat bread. Sure hope the info you have is correct. That’s more than I ever got. 8 months ago. I’ve tried other low/no carb bread and it didn’t taste great and had a weird texture. I would presume it is, since we have plenty of huge bakery’s in this area. If you are new to Aldi, here are a few things that you need to know before you go: If you are short on time, be sure to check out Instacart to see if grocery delivery or pickup from Aldi is available in your area. It’s like playing Whack A Mole to navigate a grocery store these days in search of something edible and not filled with unpronounceable CRAP. I happened to score two loaves (they had a set limit) a couple weeks ago. In our relatively large metro area (St. Louis, Missouri), some of our stores had it, while other stores don’t even have a sign for it. I am on my last loaf. Like many others, I bought several loaves (5). ~~~~~ #aldi #aldibread #aldisbread #zerocarbbread #ketobread #keto #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #ketolife #ketosis #ketogenic #foodporn #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarb #lchf #weightloss #fat #ketorecipes #food #dirtyketo #lazyketo #keto #intermittentfasting #ketogroceryhaul #mealprep #ketoaf … Which honestly for zero carb/low carb products is fairly standard. Bought some yesterday and it is not bad The keto bread price sticker at our local Aldi, taken in October 2019. Now the bread has arrived on shelves as a Regular Buy, and people who've been so lucky to snag it are showing off their victory on Instagram. Anyhow, enough with this whole long drawn out explanation, let’s get to trying and talking about this unicorn in the forest: Aldi’s Zero Net Carb Bread in both Wheat and Multiseed.


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