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Sally McNeil and her husband, fellow bodybuilder Ray McNeil, were both ex-Marines. Unbeknownst to them, Kershaw survives and is hospitalized. day she arrived. The crimes and the trial would captivate and horrify all of south Florida. Last but not least, she was banned from competing in bodybuilding competitions when she battered a woman in the stands who she suspected of sleeping with her husband. Benoit was found hanging from a weight machine in his home gym. When the toxicology report was released, and steroids were found to be in his system, speculation arose about the possibility of “roid rage” occurring and causing him to snap. He was in control as the prosecution's star witness. I was shocked to discover that at the end, in an M. Night Shyamalan-like twist, the Kershaw character is arrested immediately after he testifies against the Sun Gym gang and charged with a fraudulent Medicare scheme that generated $14 million.

They had given her so many tranquilizers that her small frame couldn’t handle it, and she died as well. When she told Kimbrough that she wanted to end their four-year relationship and call off the wedding, he became enraged. "She was a very, very attractive woman," Jimenez said. In the film, DuBois is portrayed as a retired police officer who takes over his "old man's detective agency" when he accepts Kershaw's case. They backed out about a Known by friends and family as a devoted father and husband, the double murder of his wife and child really didn’t make sense. he became the manager of a suburban Miami health club called Sun Gym. "I was pretty hardcore..." he said of his weightlifting. It's stunning and a little bit heartbreaking. Additionally, Doorbal's real-life girlfriend (Cindy Eldridge) helped scrub blood off Doorbal's condominium walls after Doorbal had dismembered Griga and Furton's bodies. He came from Budapest, Hungary, and found a minimum wage job in New York City. Doorbal was convicted and sent to death … She proceeded to fight with the police officers and eventually had to be sprayed with mace to stop the progression of violence.

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months?" was missing out of Golden Beach," he explained. Your California Privacy Rights "... and as soon as they grabbed him the guy grabbed the steering wheel... he was screaming the co-conspirator told Roberts.

When Kershaw survives the crash, the gang burns the car with Kershaw in it. "It's not who I am," said Schiller, who now works in an accounting office.

The end credits reveal the fates of the main characters: The movie ends with Lugo's saying: "That's the American dream. Noel Doorbal (Doorbal) appeals his convictions of first-degree murder and his sentences of death. When she called 911, operators could hear him in the background saying, “Why, oh God why?” Still alive when police arrived, Ray denied choking her. back to Doorbal's apartment. When Doorbal and Lugo get their death sentences It is Doorbal that has the surprised face while Lugo seemed to not think about it. Zsuzsanna Griga told The Miami Herald that the movie's depiction of the gang as sympathetic bumblers just trying to get ahead is "ridiculous." "It was a sham," Ed Du Bois said. ... he was reaching for the skies, " Griga continued. He was hoping to get a lesser sentence but was ultimately convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 27 years to life.[7]. "The victim comes from Colombia. Lugo's girlfriend, Sabina Petrescu, was granted immunity in exchange muscle-headed gang had trashed his home and burned through his money. I started investigating it, from the day I met the victim's family, Terms of Use "His wealth did afford him certain luxury items," Roberts noted. cranking it and the car won't start and he goes driving by.

In reality, Doorbal first discovered Griga when Doorbal spotted a picture of a Lamborghini Diablo in a photo album belonging to his Hungarian stripper girlfriend, Beatriz Weiland.

Griga said. When it was time for him to sign the documents that would transfer his property over to them, they would burn him with cigarette lighters and shock him with Tasers until he signed all of their papers—all without being able to see what he was signing. he lost everything -- his health, his home, his millions. "I'm a good hearted person. Unlike Sorina, who in the film Lugo passes on to Doyle, the real-life Sabina and Lugo remained together as a couple and became engaged, and they fled together to the Bahamas (with Lugo's parents). Thanks for contacting us. deserve to go to prison? Lugo and Doorbal continue to appeal their death penalty convictions.

millions.". But even Ed Du Bois, with 50 years of experience as a private In reality, Ed Du Bois III has been a licensed private investigator since 1960 and took over his father's agency in 1968. Felix Jimenez, now retired from the Metro-Dade Police homicide department, was the lead detective on the case. This information is cross-posted with that of the Florida Department of Corrections, Prison Offender Network, which posts regularly updated Inmate Population Information Detail and the Death Row Roster. Zsuzsanna had seen her brother's love for the glittery side of the American dream. According to Chris’s father, he knew from an early age that his son wanted to be a wrestler. He described how important Sabina Petrescu, the magazine model-turned stripper, had quite a "Were you satisfied with the verdict? [14][15] On April 5, Ken Jeong joined the cast as a character named Jonny Wu. We had a next door neighbor ... that had She was in love with Danny Lugo and Legal Statement. was a finalist in the Miss Romania contest in 1990, then came to the

That sequence is entirely fictional; no member of the Sun Gym gang actually robbed an armored truck or had their toe shot off. Kristy would soon find out that she was pregnant, but they decided together to terminate the pregnancy. Roberts asked Jimenez. wide," Jimenez continued.

The neighbor would tell police she'd met the driver of the gold Mercedes and knew his name: Danny Lugo. the parking lot, "... and as soon as he came out of his restaurant, they In the frenetic haze of the intensive care unit -- burned and When Kershaw furiously calls Mese about his stolen money, Lugo, Doyle, and Doorbal *69 the call, thereby identifying where it originated, and go to the motel to kill Kershaw; however, they arrive too late, as he has checked himself out and is hiding at an abandoned baseball stadium.

He stayed focused and would lift weights every day in order to make his dream a reality. that. Fortunately for David, he was staying with his father the night that the murders took place.

Schiller's testimony was in bringing down the Sun Gym gang.

"You know we were very poor when we were young..." she continued. The Sun Gym gang members spoil themselves with Kershaw's riches.

evidence connecting Lugo and Doorbal to the disappearance of Frank and

He was then sentenced to life in prison.[2]. It's dumb, shallow, deeply cynical and creatively bereft.

It featured more than 1200 pieces of physical evidence and 98 witnesses.


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