4x4 kit cars to build

But while some continue to put their bodywork on other people's already terrible cars, some are simply interested in going as fast around a track as possible for as little money as possible, preferably while street legal. But for every one of these masterpieces, there are a dozen companies who sell a badly made chintzy bodyshell built to drop over a chassis from a car undeserving of being made worse by said bodyshell. Here at rcMart, we carry widest selection of RC car model kits from leading manufacturers over the world. 2nd Place: Mazda Miata Sand. While Factory Five has been selling proper kits of V8-engined muscle cars for years, when it came time to release something for the new generation, they decided to take a WRX and put it backward into a mid-engined all-wheel-drive sports car for less than 20 grand. The kit includes AFCO coilovers at each corner and moves the rear axle centerline 1" rearwards. Capable.

From beginners to professional racers, everyone can find suitable RC car model kits.

51 pounds per corner.

It's a cute little '50s style roadster—certainly not everyone's taste but could be far worse. Motorsport replicas are one of the best types of kit cars, and if one buys from the right company, one can get not only a hot deal but also a scorching car. Put your Exocet on steroids with a 11" wider track and a 3.5" longer wheelbase.

Desert Assault Vehicle. Most of Factory Five's throughput isn't for sports cars of their design but well-built muscle car kits resembling the greats of yesteryear while outperforming them.

The entire enterprise seems just a bit shady, referencing glowing reviews that talk in incredible general language. An expansion to the proven Exocet chassis with new ABS side panels and optional steel bulkheads.

3rd Place: Mazda Miata, Stock RWD

The stumpy, ugly look of the exterior is less than reassuring, and the company's website is missing supposedly easily accessible details for engines, performance, and so on.

What one gets for that price, however, is essentially a GT40 that was built yesterday. The 818C, a rough analog to something like a Porsche Cayman, could set you back less than twenty thousand dollars all in, including the Impreza donor car. Pairing the Miata 4.30 differential (90-93 or 99-05 5-speed donors) with an NB (99-05) 6-speed transmission yields adequate gear ratios for larger tires up to 30x9.5-15.

The Exocet Off-Road Ultimate suspension kit features AFCO coilovers at each corner and moves the axle centerline 2.5" forward. Includes indexable camber-adjustable upper arms. The Roadster is Factory Five's take on the infamous Shelby Cobra, a car built with the simple ethos of the biggest engine in the smallest car. Those who built the kit likely were already of age when the boxy '80s S10 was introduced and so see it as just a boring shape.

Another successful @jz, Out for the first session at CMS with @jzillatrack, Jzilla Track Days Friendsgiving at Barber Motorsports Park.

3rd Place: Mazda Miata, Prepared RWD The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Join the conversation, share the news, and tell your friends about the Exocet Off-Road on social media with #exocet, #exocetoffroad, and #exomotive. 28×10-15 EFX MotoMTC Tires on 15×8 Wheels. Upper & lower control arms, 154 pound Springs with non-adjustable Bilstein HD NB Miata Shocks and NB upper mounts. Not to mention, the selection of modern Ford V8s available to put in it is much easier to live with than the solid lifter lumps of the old days.

The Lister Bell is another kit car replica that's far and above the better car when compared to the original.

A Cayman is well over three times that cost, and if one is willing to crank up the boost and spend the money to modify the 818, the cost-to-car ratio just gets better. Features 10.5" of total wheel travel with 5" droop and 5.5" bump. Dirt. #roadatlanta #jzilla, Time to get wet @roadatlanta with @jzillatrackdays, Wet and dry; night and day! Build it to satisfy your own mission requirements and personalize it to your liking.

This is much worse—perhaps the perfect example of a kit car whose designer just should've stopped their imagination before it gave rise to this.

The real versions of these cars are often worth millions, so even at what would be the equivalent of a kit car level for anything else, the prices are still what one would pay for a medium-sized house.

The Vario isn't the worse car on this list, but it's far from the best, even considering its low cost. That kind of power in a car that weighs less than an original Miata is absolutely terrifying in all the best ways possible. Exomotive – US Manufacturer of Exocars & Kit Cars, Exomotive - US Manufacturer of Exocars & Kit Cars.

While some kit cars sound like an incredibly good idea even before getting into the details, some illicit concern well before anything serious actually happens. MTV is an interesting company that builds vehicles for movies, including the Joker's car from Suicide Squad. 1st Place: Mazda Miata

The front clip kit is actually quite close in mimicking a classic Ford's body while on the frame of a malaise-era Ford Thunderbird. Dune Buggy. Upgraded optional 5.38:1 ring and pinion for an optimal gear ratio back using common 31x10.50-15 tires. 2nd Place: Mazda Miata Anyone can buy a car from a showroom, but few will build one in their garage. Electronic Fuel Injection managed by MS3Pro. At the very least, it's most certainly original, but originality and beauty are very different things.

This is the same engine used in various high-performance Lotus cars, for example, and is often swapped into MR2s whose owners want real power without turbo lag. 300 horsepower in a 2,000-pound car sounds pretty good.

30×9.5-15 Yokohama Geolandar M/T+ Tires on 15×8 Wheels. 1st Place: Mazda Miata Includes custom-built extended half shafts matched to the Exocet Off-Road's extended control arms by The Driveshaft Shop. Not bad for a kit people can buy for less than the cost of an up-optioned Honda Civic and can build themselves in their garage. Kit cars have a certain stigma—a stigma that they're ugly, ungainly, wimpy at best to drive, and generally sucky to own. #exocetrace #exomotiveexoc, Finally, some dry laps today!

Original VW Beetles were the original massively popular base for these bodies, but more recently, other cars like the Fiero and even the MR2 and the Boxter have been used.

The original Chevy Bel Air is a classic hunk of chromed and finned artwork, a study in cool. 10″ Vented Rotors / Four-piston Wilwood Powerlite Calipers (FM Little Big Brake Kit), 10″ Solid Rotors / Four-piston Wilwood Powerlite Calipers with parking brake (FM Little Big Brake Kit), 205/65-15 Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Tires on 15×7 Wheels, 28×10-15 EFX MotoMTC Tires on 15×8 Wheels, Max Traction / On & Off-road, Dirt, Rain, Snow, and Ice, 30×9.5-15 Yokohama Geolandar M/T+ Tires on 15×8 Wheels, White LED Driving/Spot/Flood & Red LED Tail/Brake Lights, 100-130whp1990-2005 Mazda Miata DonorExomotive Exocet Off-Road KitPaco Motorsports 3 Lift KitWS80 Blizzak Tires & 15x7 WheelsMiata Seats & Neoprene Seat CoversBasic LED Lighting, 252whp1999 Mazda Miata DonorFlyin' Miata FM II Turbo & MS3ProFM Cooling Kit, Clutch, and FlywheelFM Wilwood Little Big Brake KitExomotive Exocet Off-Road KitPaco Motorsports 3 Lift KitGeolandar M/T+ Tires & 15x8 WheelsKirkey Aluminum Seats & Airknit CoversHigh Performance LED Lighting, 220-230whp1990-2005 Mazda Miata DonorHonda K20 or K24 EngineKMiata K-series Swap KitFM Wilwood Little Big Brake KitExomotive Exocet Off-Road KitPaco Motorsports 3” Lift KitGeolandar M/T+ Tires & 15x8 WheelsKirkey Aluminum Seats & Airknit CoversHigh Performance LED Lighting, 240-300hp1990-2005 Mazda Miata DonorHonda J32A 3.2L V6SuperFastMiatas J32A Swap KitFM Wilwood Little Big Brake KitExomotive Exocet Off-Road KitPaco Motorsports 3” Lift KitGeolandar M/T+ Tires & 15x8 WheelsKirkey Aluminum Seats & Airknit CoversHigh Performance LED Lighting, 320hp1990-2005 Mazda Miata DonorGM LFX 3.6L V6 w/Aisin 6-speedV8Roadsters LFX Swap KitFM Wilwood Little Big Brake KitExomotive Exocet Off-Road KitPaco Motorsports 3” Lift KitGeolandar M/T+ Tires & 15x8 WheelsKirkey Aluminum Seats & Airknit CoversHigh Performance LED Lighting, 430-525hp1990-2005 Mazda Miata DonorGM LS3 6.2L V8 w/T56 6-speedV8Roadsters LSX Swap KitFM Wilwood Little Big Brake KitExomotive Exocet Off-Road KitPaco Motorsports 3” Lift KitGeolandar M/T+ Tires & 15x8 WheelsKirkey Aluminum Seats & Airknit CoversHigh Performance LED Lighting. More durability and protection so you can go off the beaten path. The Ultimate Overland Ford E-350 4X4 Long before the overland trend took hold, Ujoint Offroad was building 4×4 vans capable of conquering on- and off-highway adventures. The versatile, go-anywhere Exocet from Exomotive.

And that’s if the owner isn’t trying to pass off a re-bodied VW Bug as an Aventador.

14" of ground clearance to satisfy your go-anywhere attitude. The Stage 1 suspension consists of the Paco Motorsports 3″ Lift Kit paired with Exomotive’s Shock Top Spacers and a Bilstein HD Miata-based shock package using stock spring rates.

The Ultimate Exocet Off-Road build upgrades the entire suspension using the Paco Motorsports Offroadster Kit. If you have, One more Exocet Sport in Harley Orange (PMB-2829), Tom is in the middle of swapping out his Exocet Sp, Perfect Exocet weather!

Take the road less traveled. 2nd Place: Mazda Miata, Prepared RWD This is much worse—perhaps the perfect example of a kit car whose designer just should've stopped their imagination…

Gravel. Compatible with stock subframes and swap kits from V8Roadsters, SuperFastMiatas, KMiata, and more. At least their other cars aren't so bad. A mid-engine all-wheel-drive sports car is normally a very expensive proposition if you can get your hands on one at all. Bred from the rear-wheel drive RallyCross dominator: The Ultimate Exocet Off-Road Suspension Kit, Available now from Exomotive & Paco Motorsports, Exomotive Exocet Off-Road Prototype Specifications, Using various 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engine options, EXOFEST 2020! The engine, of course, wasn't the only dismal part of these little boxes of poverty, as the power plant alone is a good reason not to build another car around a 2CV.

1st Place: Mazda Miata A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists.

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Showing the breadth of what one of the world's best kit car manufacturer does, they build not only a four-wheel-drive mid-engined sports car, a modern take on an old-school legend and an LS-powered mid-engined supercar but also the beauty you see above: a hot rod truck with a modern tube chassis for rigidity and light-weight. If the people at MTV concepts were looking to create the most ludicrous-looking vehicle they could, they probably succeeded. Perhaps the most obvious positive of kit cars compared with standard production cars is the ridiculously low cost. Shock re-valving services are available through Bilstein.

Those of us in the know would know a Belaro was a badly made fake instantly but perhaps would take a while to figure out what the actual car underneath the knockoff fiberglass was. Off-Road Racer. If they're actually similar to the real thing in any way, there's something mildly impressive about that, but obviously, the car above is more than a little bit divorced from a Ferrari Enzo by looks alone.

2nd Place: Mazda Miata

Grass. Dakar.

The Cortez is the latter. Stock RWD Sandrail.

But while many kit cars are worthy of these thoughts, a few rise above and beyond to, in some situations, even present a better option for an enthusiast looking for a car than something they could pick up at a normal automaker’s showroom.

Most of the space in the back is taken up for no reason but extra ugliness. As track machines, buying and having one of these built makes a lot more sense than racing something not old in technology but old physically.


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