2001 seadoo gtx review
For 2017, Sea-Doo has added new models, discontinued some, and tweaked almost everything for the better. Click here see the Spark Model Summary for information. The SPX is eliminated bringing an end to the X4 hull. While the new electrical controls system provided for more capability, it did require that the safety lanyard be programmed to the electrical control system by a dealer with special software called BUDS. 1992 Sea-Doo Models The seat design was born out of the HX. To this day, the X4 hull is still favored by many. Read more about MPEMs & ECUs here. In short the only notable changes were 2007 Sea-Doo Models The seat included an adjustable shock absorber mounted at the rear and a pivot mount at the front, allowing the seat to move up and down with the passenger. The value priced, go-fast GTR 215 will certainly suffer from the extra weight on top end and acceleration. The GTX hull and top cap are completely redesigned for this year. What didn’t change, other than graphics, in 1997 were the HX, GTX and GSX (non-Limited). The new RXT iS and GTX Ltd iS are really incredible state of the art watercraft with intelligent ride suspension, intelligent throttle, a new high performance VTS system, and brakes. Also, both WAKE models no longer have the ballast tanks as a standard feature in 2009. All three models included the 587 yellow engine. The GTI and GTI LE are the only models with the 720 engine and basically are unchanged from 2002. While the new electrical controls system provided for more capability, it did require that the safety lanyard be programmed to the electrical control system by a dealer with special software called BUDS. Both the GTX S 155 and the GTX Limited S 260 get 5.5” of suspension travel with a manual pre-load adjustment under the seat for passenger weight adjustment. Sea-Doo continued to market the SPX until 1999. The new GSX was a two passenger that was larger and more stable than the X4 hull although slower. Of note is the replacement part cost with the iControl system. Spark Model Summary, © Copyright 2017 Jet Ski Plus, LLC All Rights Reserved. While the SPX stays the same as 1997 some weight was removed to make it lighter. There is also a new GTI LE RFI in the GTI series with the 800 RFI engine initially introduced in 1998 GTX RFI. Much has been written about the Spark and simply writing more of the same would be of little benefit. Of the eight models available in 2004, four of them are 4-strokes, the three GTX models and the new RXP. Other than the iS models there is little change in 2009 other than the WAKE 155, which is now a composite hull similar to the GTI line. Major changes included introduction of the X4 hull design, a larger 720 Rotax engine with single carb and adjustable trim tabs. Under the cover, SeaDoo redesigns the supercharger to eliminate the ceramic clutch washers in favor of metal clutch washer. Not much is said regarding this weight increase from SeaDoo. Return to top You receive very little for the extra $1,200. The X4 stayed in the Sea-Doo line up until 1999. Additionally, SeaDoo completely changed the ECU with the iS and also significantly increased the complexity of the subsystems in the ski. The GTX Supercharged is dropped from the line in 2007. The GSX platform introduced in 1996 is utilized to provide two lower priced, less featured models, the GS and GSI.


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