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As before, we will fight the NM first.

This should be the last of your affinity related achievements. NPC Control: F2 on PC. 100.000 points = 1 visible point of weapon prof. 1000 weapon prof gives roughly bonus +25% damage. Head to the giant teleporter then fight the boss. You should have GGO God as well. Most of the results are based on several hundred runs (especially chests). (1), Affinity Lv 4:You don't want people to think we're a couple? Grow close to Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth, Silica, and Yuuki in Kirito Mode.

143. Rank Settings is for PvP and allows you to make it so only certain ranked players can join based on your rank. If you get a good Epic or Legendary of the type of weapon you want, great.

You have a brief chance to raise Kirito and Sinon's affinities and see their events, but you will be unable to visit Kirito's Room until you are done. Will do a pounce - usually several pounces in a row (it will lower the head and upper body into a pounce stance right before the initial pounce, but there will be very little warning). Now, if you did not do the skip, multiple automatons will spawn. At low health, the boss will fire the missile more times and will attack faster (less delay before attacking). Don't forget to change your party back! Volume 2 Red-Nosed Reindeer Part 1 (mentioned) Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 3 (actual and chronological appearance) Hosaka Carina Tomo (帆坂 カリーナ 朋, Hosaka Karīna Tomo? Now you are ready to enter the dungeon, Subway A.

You should have an ArFA-sys Charm of some form in your key items by now. At critical health, the NM spawns 5 homing warheads instead. quest symbol on the map if you are lost (menu button -> 3rd option from the left is the map.). You can rewind time, logout, then change your difficulty under options to get it early. You can make yourself look like a sorta discount value Death Gun by wearing a hood (you'll have to change its color to black in the ArFa-sys menu), his outfit and there is a half mask accessory sold at Predatory shop in Glocken that looks pretty similar to Death Gun's. On the ground level of the SE side of the platform.

You can use the pillar and the platforms as cover from the Gatling gun and beam, but beware of the fact that the beam gun is on top.

A 2 cooldown rate is effectively 50% Cooldown reduction (50% cooldown time).

For those with fast load times, it may be possible to grind proficiency quickly by entering a map, killing an enemy, then returning to town, repeating this until all allies are maxed. Cloths can be obtained from players, with more valuable Cloths found in later fields. To avoid the beam, simply keep moving or use the pillars (You can also attack the gem and it will cancel if you do enough damage). This also means that outside of 'set' spawns such as the Remnant Wasteland Cave and Sea Watchtower, whether or not a player group will spawn is random.

This allows you to respec for free instead of having to buy a respec. Continue through the unlocked door until you reach the end and enter the Solitary Sands when the prompt allows. Shortly after the NM loses 1 bar, when the NM reaches 66% health, the door to the next area should open head over and now use the platform as protection.

Affinity Lv 4 50%: To be closer to the person they like.

Take the West door and teleport. This is a sword Automaton with higher stats. Follow Kureha around the map (look for the ! Facsimile - the boss summons up to 4 of these in the pad near the boss whenever the boss goes into invincibility state.

While you are in the area, there is a Treasure Quest chest with Soft Towel slightly Southwest of the Outskirts Facility teleporter.

In the corridor following, the South room has a chest. If you see the boss lean the head back and charge up, especially if there is a target line towards you, run at the boss as fast as you can. For long cooldown skills, reloading the area may be faster than waiting for the cooldown. Cat Ear Hood F . The NM here will be a stronger Arachnid mech. Note, you will soon reach a drop after the first door of the dungeon. If you haven't finished them already, Finish the PvE, PvP, and Treasure quests.

Further in, there is a room to the North with another chest.

Once all the enemies in the last room are dead, go through the unlocked door and activate the panel and teleport back.

Ailment Damage. Smithing 4 seems to cap at 70.15% of the Smithing 7 value.

Anti-AR Veil can be useful for long range fighters as Kirito usually will not go off the central platform. Media Nothing appears to directly affect weapon damage by a significant amount. This means that if you find the player type you want, you can keep farming that player by running around instead of reloading the area. A 1.5 cooldown rate is effectively 33.3...% Cooldown reduction (66.66...% cooldown time).

For Gatling guns, bring Heat Detonator 3,2, and 1. Melee Damage: +0.25% per STR (rounded down). From there, go South until you are on the outside of the city ruins area and in the grassy fields area. In the Southeast corner of the lower level here, you can find the NM Genocider, a sword Facsimile. Continue and grab the two chests before using the teleporter. You will need to lower the enemy's health for a cutscene, then the real fight will start. Then, find the item you want to lock and press the lock button that shows up in the bottom right area (which will be an unlock button for locked items). Pick up the ammo chest before you use the teleporter.

At about half of the final bar, when the NM reaches 15% health, the NM will roar to summon two Delinquents, one in the center of the North side and one in the center of the East side. The exception is if there is a non-date affinity event for that character between dates. The dates are at Level 4 Affinity with 0%, 50%, and 75% being the points where the three dates are made available. Yellow = summon orbs underneath party members that spin with a powerful melee attack with strong knockback. Note that the adds, including the orbs, can be killed, but the orbs have such a short duration that they will likely despawn before you kill them.

For those with longer loading times, you can instead run directly East from the NPC Player spawn, up a hill (use the UFG) and run up to the tree on the right side of the screenshot. Even I only make this jump about once every 30 or so tries). Having high Weapon proficiency and Skill proficiency can help here due to the damage boost of Weapon Proficiency and Cooldown bonus of Skill Proficiency. Fires bombs upwards in an arc that explode after a short delay.

Finish all affinity events with the characters (Yui and Asuna share affinities).

You want enemies that won't pose a threat to you, but that can easily kill your allies. Sellable items and unnecessary materials/gear can earn you a lot of credits quickly.

Head West and after the room, there should be an Ammo crate right before a door. For those looking for more speed, stay out of range and whenever the mech tries to use a beam, run between the legs before attacking the back, otherwise attack the other enemies. On the upper level, the door is guarded by a block type enemy.

Return Home and activate the event.

Afterwards, you'll find a branch with a locked door. (2), Affinity Lv 4 50%: Yeah, I always have lots of fun! Last Judgement will have some changes to moves and some new moves: Extreme Mode unlocks several things such as Tier 6 and 7 items in the shop, a dungeon in the first and fourth area, and an achievement for beating the game.

1 Welcome to the SAO Fatal Bullet Wiki 2 Game Play 3 Topics And Guides 4 Gallery 5 Discussions 6 Latest activity Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a Third Person Shooter Role-Playing Game. Cassandra Lee Morris[citation needed] ), known as Argo (アルゴ, Arugo?) Focus fire on either the NM or one of the Delinquents. If you have an AI that can grab aggro, you can easily get behind the mech and simply unload once the other enemies are dead. To avoid these, keep running.

Note: Strea may have an event for you in SBC Glocken. I trust you completely! Go to Itsuki's Room, then return to your room and talk to your ArFA-sys.

Note: Try not to use any weapon or skill that has reached max proficiency. Go to Forgotten Woods and enter the Forest edge dungeon. A dog then appeared, and Asuna picked it up, causing the two to be swept up by a tornado, and end up inside the house with Argo. This has some benefits such as when farming the final boss for a legendary (or even a perfect legendary) Dainsleif/Miasma Fang+ or if you missed True End and want to obtain it. Dungeon Enemies generally do not respawn; however, there are exceptions: Players typically drop sets based on location. There is also a door above the South door that you entered from.

She is so focused on completing her field guides that it sometimes gets her into trouble.

To avoid the missiles, use the cover or roll right after a missile is fired.


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