miele vs bosch oven

I have recently replaced my Fisher & Paykel Underbench oven with a Miele pyrolytic under bench oven and I could not be happier with it. Flexiclip is really handy, I have 3 pairs in my combi. In other words, does the broiler play a role in the other functions, or is it more of an added feature for that acts similar to any other broiler in a regular oven?
The oven replaced an 3 year old Smeg. After some research, it seems the Bosch Benchmark Combination Steam Oven is a great value at $5,699 (http://www.bosch-home.com/us/products/built-in-wall-ovens/combination-ovens/HSLP751UC.html?source=browse).

I find I reheat leftovers with the CSO oven in combi mode and use my speed oven in convection bake or roast for a fresh side. For M-touch, programming is quite a bit easier, I think, but whether it is a functionality that you would use or not that's another story. Just as a foot note Id add- V-Zug steam oven needs plumbing and a drain so needs to be thought of at the beginning of a kitchen design. I was impressed with the VZug demo , but I'm not sure it is the best choice . If you go Wolf do the M series, it *might* have (we're not sure) fixed the problem. Style Precinct Interior Design & Decoration, Looking for feedback on proposed renovation/floorplan -1926 home in SA, Help with window colours for 1970s brick house. Other thoughts? Any other experience with the Bosch Benchmark stuff? I am just about to build a new kitchen by my main complexity is which brand oven to buy. I don't own either but have been researching. Siemens iq700. The blue enamel flakes off. Also a casserole dish HUB 5001-M is induction ready and fits really well with the bridge induction unit, so it is quite good from induction hob to oven type of cooking for larger cut of meat or larger volume . We're a retired couple so it's mostly the 2 of us, and wonder how often we'll have a crowd and use everything at once. If there isn't any inclination to use full steam functionality/combi steam functionality, Moisture plus in H6860BP would be good enough for most of meat roasting and some baking already. From what I can see all the only difference between the H 6660 BP and Miele's others pricier models are a better touchscreen, wireless probe and auto door open (i.e. After about 3 months of use, tried to steam clean the oven per directions and then wipe down to remove baked on grease, etc... After steaming for 30 minutes, none of the baked-on grease was easily removable. Miele makes some really nice ones - but back at the 3k range.

I understand the Miele is the only SO with a broiler built in. On the other hand, there is no explicit requirement saying that it cannot be installed under bench either.

:) But it will help if they look similar i.e. Just wanting some thoughts on each thanks. I have just done all my research and questioning many great "cooks" and I have decided to go with Neff over all other brands, love their features for the money and quality. more gimmick features than anything). Fabulous quality and reliability. If it weren't for this and the fact Siemens don't do a 90cm...I'd have a Siemens oven now. After selling ovens for 10 years, I received a lot of hands on training and feedback from customers. In 2012/2013 catalogue, a larger oven combair steam S and other have an installation sketch for under bench location. Late last year, IIRC, Miele has 10% off oven range. I refused the 900mm oven for one pyrolytic oven and next to … miele or wolf convection steam oven installed in island? So my tip would be to go plumbed every time. It helps keeping splattering down. I personally think Miele is overrated. Not sure how you plan to arrange your ovens - but I would bet Bosch/Miele could work together in a kitchen - they don’t have to match. We tested the Wolf SO during a demo and aside from mopping up a small puddle of water once it cooled, cleanup was a breeze. Is this because the water/steam is removed to the tank so it can't soften the mess and make it easier to clean, or did they just not clean the inside as often? Is your Miele plumbed as well? Antonia_d Yes, I have been advised that a combination steam oven is the way to go .

We're thinking that the 30" Convection oven will be the one we use least. Just wondering if paying almost double is justified from peoples experience? Some folks indicate that the non-plumbed versions release a lot steam/warm air into the kitchen whereas the plumbed ovens have drains that allow excess water to escape. Bosch (and to some extent, Siemens) is definitely of good value. I have the 30” miele convection oven, CSO, and Speed Oven. I have often seen Neff in the English renovation shows and have used it for years.. a little less expensive than Siemens, but with all the functions.. We do have the broiler option on the L-Series if we want to use it though. dishwasher, washing machine. Do not buy the Wolf E series. I have a deposit on one, also a VZug combi steam oven. But we're thinking that for resale value, we should have a Speed Oven. i love my miele dishwasher. The interior components are mostly same as Bosch. I also find that my Siemens oven cooks a lot more evenly and fits more it even though it and the Smeg are both 60cm ovens. F&P is a step up, but Bosch is a jump up! Is there a very basic instruction book/video I can watch? Miele 30 " convection is a lot more expensive than the Bosch. I have had a fantastic experience with them. Other brands are not as expensive. No issues what so ever in 5yr. I just liked the finish on Siemens and the warranty. Deciding between the Miele H 6660 BP or Bosch Serie 8 HBG6767S1A. We also own the Wolf CSO and love it. I personally don't think if matters as long the appliances have the look that you like and have the features that you want. All fabulous and local service agent was great when I had a minor issue with cooktop. The directions are terrible, and I can't find anything on the internet that answers these questions: If I want to reheat food that I have frozen in Tupperware (that I would normally microwave), do I have to take it out before putting it in the steam oven? I could live without it but dedicating the space for something I use only s few times a week (a micro) seemed like a waste so we spent the extra $$$ for the speed/third oven. I refused the 900mm oven for one pyrolytic oven and next to it a steam/convection with a warmer underneath. Any feedback welcome , thank you . By using the functions properly and cooking on multiple shelves at the same time, you can easily cook for a crowd in a 60cm oven. 270 locations nationwide! I didn't have space for 2 x 60cm ovens, so had to get a 90cm Ilve by default. The main issue for me is the brand . Plus, we're moving to FL and will have a good grill with a rotisserie, so will have that option too. I have read but wasnt aware it was specifically the e series. I prefer a larger oven for broiling. Comparing this oven to our old Ariston oven is like comparing day and night, the Bosch HRG6767S2A heated up to 200C in 6 minutes on rapid heat, that would have taken us 30-40 minutes in the Ariston and even then we wouldn't have know exactly what temperature it was on as the temperature markings on the Ariston dial had worn off! Will try that in 3 months. Has anyone used a Siemens oven with microwave? I do a lot of cooking/baking and use one oven solely for baking and the other for meat etc. Have had Miele Dishwasher & Washing Machine for over 10 years with no issues. Appliances are the workhorses of the kitchen so it makes sense to get the best you can afford within within your budget. miele is having a good promotion deal that subzero wolfe is not ... we got delivery in nov 2015, our steam oven had 2 visits to fix (circuit board issues) and our dishwasher had a pump issue. Curious as to whether this steamy air is a real issue.


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