legend of chusen season 2 kissasian

for season 3 i read that it well be 50-60 Epi long however not to sure about about the cast are still same person but i read that LYF still main leading that all i know and suppose be Season 4 too if season 3 was be cut they well soon start filming this drama but don’t know when so am looking forward toward this season hopefully Bi Yao still in that part and have happy ending or else i be PISSES if the ending not her instead Xue Qi i hope it SURPRISE since director change a lot storyline from the Nobel book so let wish best for Gi Li & Bi Yao season 3 together. What will guaranteed him that the Sect Leader won’t try to kill him again? And beside Ghost King, only Wu Yan reminds Gui Le of Bi Yao….

Actually l love Liying with all the guys here!

As far as I know only the first episode that already subbed. The reason why fan relationships go sour is because of the way the actors/their staff/fans try to cook up the non-existent “attraction” between the two actors. , Your email address will not be published.

If there is any news about season 3 or other drama from LYF I will let you know.

cukup menarik bukan ? I told myself I wasn’t going to keep watching but…here I am.

Jing Yu, this one is tough to crack! – 540p ZASK honestly i’m do not want any love blooms between xiao fan and xue qi,just let Bi Yao being together woth Xiao Fan forever,,if love does bloom between xiao fan and xue qi in this series,itu totally make me dissapointed .micahel. Coolllll…Hopefully there is no serious fight between Gui Li and Jing Yu…. – Oh Wu Yan, you’re killing me here! yes that what i mean by Bi Yao it sad that she die for him and this two just finally bild their TRUE relationship together and what happen she DIE save Xiao Fan i read that he be defeat the Qui yin and Marry Xueqi and even have s son with maybe that why she main lead in season 2 but even THAT? I couldn’t help myself and started watching it on Youtube (sigh) The producers must have diverted a bit from the novel though yeah. I remember there was an airport pic of ZLY with her cousin and the media was spreading that it was LYF, etc. All the emotions I want from Gui Le, you deliver. I thought that Xue Qi and Tian Bu Yi+wife really cared about Xiao Fan in the book.

I watched the video myself, and I must say he sounded a little annoyed. Just like you, l really really really love Liying and Mao Zi Jun! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

However, I’m a bit hesitant on Hawick (never really been a fan of his). , Yes.

I posted the link in the message is it not showing? Can’t say anything since nothing is officially confirmed yet so let’s just wait. I Heard that they will start shooting season 3 soon, but they haven’t reveal name of the cast yet. He was annoying character and honestly speak him and Xiao fan came to the same conclusion that the righteous sect were hypocrites but the difference was that Cang Song was a coward and decided to hide within them rather then face them up front and leave behind the sect while Xiao fan will call them out on it and break away and face them head on. Lu Xue Qi is from the same faction as Zhang Xiao Fan, the Qing Yun.

They don’t need the fame anyway. Jadi tidak usah ragu lagi kalau ingin Download serial Nonton The Legend of Chusen S02 / Noble Aspirations S02 (2016) Sub Indo Sub Indonesia di sini. On top of it ZLY has been saying for months that she is single, but people just ignore it. I’m watching this in English Sub and was looking to continue to season 2 and unable to find any in English sub. – 540p ZASK Indeed according to the novel she didn’t able to be revived, in the middle of the reviving Bi Yao process, the Miao Shaman dies.That what triggers Gui Li to run from Ghost King sect. He cried!

Yes. ?” Pffffttttttttttttttt Oh dear oh dear.


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