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In 1990, the band released their last album for Virgin Records, Romantic?. [6], Before adopting the name the Human League, the band briefly had two previous incarnations. Key songwriter Jo Callis departed, replaced by drummer Jim Russell. Oakey, Wright, and Marsh agreed with the new name, and in early 1978 The Future became The Human League. [7][unreliable source?]. The music press was scornful of "Oakey and his dancing girls" and treated the new band line-up with derision. As a result, "Empire State Human" was re-released and the band made their second appearance on Top of the Pops even though it only reached No. 1, which was taken by a novelty record by Renée and Renato. 1 hit single, "Being Boiled" was re-released and became a Top 10 hit in early 1982. With no preamble, Oakey asked both girls to join the tour as dancers and incidental vocalists.[13]. 3 on the UK album chart. By now, longstanding members Adrian Wright and Ian Burden, together with newer recruit Jim Russell, had all left the band, although Jo Callis did return to play on some of the sessions and co-wrote two songs, including the minor hit single "Heart Like a Wheel". Neither had any experience of singing or dancing professionally. The Human League are an English synth-pop band formed in Sheffield in 1977. The accompanying album, Octopus, returned the band to the UK Top 10 and later achieved a gold disc. Philip is currently 65 years old. Their set list included (for the first time ever) a performance of Dare played sequentially and in its entirety. This included Philip Oakey playing the Human League's instrumental arrangement of the theme from "Get Carter" on an original Casio VL-Tone from 1981. "[19] The band themselves have also consistently and strenuously rejected the label. In March, Oakey was introduced to veteran producer Martin Rushent. ], After a few more low-key, private performances, Ware and Marsh decided to officially form a band. In early 1977, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh, who had met at youth arts project Meatwhistle, were both working as computer operators. A friend of Oakey's who had been in the audience, Philip Adrian Wright, who also had an art and photography background was invited to become the band's Director of Visuals with a remit to "liven up" the stage performance with slides, film clips and lighting. At this point, the band ditched much of the material recorded so far and started over again with new producers Hugh Padgham and Chris Thomas (though some of Rushent's contributions to certain tracks from the earlier sessions were included on the released album). He dropped out of school at 18 and worked a variety of odd jobs, including as a porter at Thornbury Annex Hospital in Sheffield.


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