flying squirrel nest

<>endobj �۶PTKʶ7@�:�P��a�E�Ӣ��™�Ŷ-Ւ�� P��0nu�h��h`�p� z�mE��l{T�3�[&Z49-�+�)�^l�BQ-)�� ��C�V��MN�� �w���/>���?��O����=���_���{챛�!PZk�mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3лɊ�����?���o�����������o����|�S���M���u��7@�:�P��a�E�Ӣ��™� �㿾�_��_^��������~�����7���:|��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�������������w���~��O?�����u�����^g March 24, 2016. Photo by Bet Zimmerman. Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm CST Nestbox photo below. Tab will move on to the next part of the site rather than go through menu items. Enter and space open menus and escape closes them as well. �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g Reduce the amount of harvest in timber with known populations. The flying squirrel does not truly fly, but glides through the air, up to 80 yards (meters) or more, from the top of one tree down to the trunk of another. �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g g �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g Notice tail in lower left hand corner. Last updated Box is located along a four lane highway. Natural Resource Plates. �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g Structural damage, chewed wires, noise at night, and make getting rid of squirrels in your house a priority. Please honor their copyright protection. Access hole must be exactly 1.25 in. �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g g

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�۶PTKʶ7@�:�P��a�E�Ӣ��™�Ŷ-Ւ�� P��0nu�h��h`�p� z�mE��l{T�3�[&Z49-�+�)�^l�BQ-)�� ��C�V��MN�� <> They prefer to build their homes in abandoned woodpecker or crow’s nests. 7 0 obj <>/XObject<>/ExtGState<>/Properties<>>> This behavior can sometimes cause damage to trees.

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Leave rotting material and maintain snag trees. *Note - before beginning construction of this nesting box, do your research and confirm which species of flying squirrel inhabits your �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g Photo by Keith Kridler.

Once inside, they can be very difficult to get rid of as they must be trapped and removed one at a time. The small photo above is in another of the two-hole mansions. They have a loose membrane of … Flying squirrels use a membrane of skin between their wrists and ankles to harness the air and steer with their flat, rudder-like tails. They may prefer boxes mounted on trees (on trunk or hanging) or telephone poles. �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g Contact Information by County, The state special concern southern flying squirrels require mature trees with classic understory with fallen rotting logs for nesting and a food source. �:L�hrZ40W8S �ض��ZR�����­-�� ��@/�m����mo��u��p��D�&�Es�3Ћm[(�%e��z�a(��0Ѣ�i��\�L�b��jI���^g �jnܤc��-���vȍT/�3Ћm[(�%e��z�������]�T��dl���E�s��^. �j,Li��l9o�&�r#��C�L�b��jI���^�w�S;�j����7ml���E�s��^. g If you’re a crafty person who loves recycling old unused items, check out this squirrel shelter made from recycled rubber. She usually mates with the dominant male, and often a subordinate as well.


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