e46 coding cheat sheet
When car is off, hit the volume knob on the radio the radio turns on (it only works with 02 decks). After repeating this process with success several times, I am now confident enough to write this article to hopefully help others. Put your turn signal either on the left or right position, with no key in the ignition, close the door and walk away. Now if the display has changed, you are in a configure mode on the radio. In this example, I am making a change whereby my windows will still work up to 1-minute after ignition is off. Your email address will not be published. Ignore the fact my plug is hanging out my car, I had to remove some of my interior panels for another job, and I haven’t put them back yet! I think this works for RDS too.... that way, you don't have to keep pressing it when you switch to radio or change stations etc. 6 Mar 2011 at 10:43 PM #1 Holding down the DSC button to completely turn it off, Hold Trip Reset while turning ignition key to on position, Use Trip Reset to select function 19.0 that unlocks all the features, Depress Trip Reset for 1/4 second and release it. On Pre '02 cars the coding is slighly different method than Post '02 cars. (E.g., CD input can have the bass/treble/balance/fade settings different from the F.M. This capability is probably used in the automatic tuning function in the radio. Press and hold the 'm' button for TEN seconds or until the display changes. It should light up blue once connected, even if ignition is off. The compartment is on your left if in a LHD, and on your right if in RHD (located next to your knee). What you will see is the front blinker, and rear turn signal stay lit. Which cable do you use because my cable does not recognise my E46? Hold down the PTY button (this works, to my knowledge, on cars w/nav) and you will turn on AUTOPTY--it'll display the type of music station if the data is present. Put the ignition back on if what you have coded requires ignition on. I am by no means an expert, but I have recently got the software & a cable to code on my E46, and I struggled for quite some time on finding a really in depth & detailed how-to guide. If it is connected, you’ll see Battery & Ignition dots are both black at the top, 5, Close INPA, then open NCS Expert. 9, Clicking that button will enable you to choose your chassis. I got my cable from cable-shack.co.uk. Another way is to put the key in the door handle and turn to the unlock position and hold it there. Hi thank you for this! 10, Another box pops up straight after, choose your ECU. Please be careful when attempting some features, everything done would be at your own risk. Mine seems to work with either of the top two, I choose ALSZ as that one has always worked for me, 12, Hopefully it worked, NCS has now read your car chassis number & some other things (I have blanked mine out), 13, Click Process ECU button (or press F4 key), 14, Another box pops up, time to choose the module you want to code. Normally when you press 'm', the display will reflect that by replacing 'ST' (stereo tuning) with 'm'. The A/C compressor has a variable displacement thrust plate to eliminate the shock load of compressor cycling and use varies depending on need and load. And you could also switch the temperature display both on the dash and on the climate control between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Also, the rear defroster comes on. Over here we mention some tips and tricks to unlock these hidden functions. Reasons to avoid BMW Carbon Ceramic Brakes. Setting 1 is the smallest change, 6 is the highest. ( Log Out /  If you have auto wipers, the headlights go on when the wipers activate, if on auto. I’m using Expert 4.0.1, 7, Once loaded, click bottom left button (or press F1 key), 8, Then click 3rd button from left (or press F3 key). There are amber lights that shine on the centre console. The suspension is designed to limit body dive under hard braking, instead the entire chassis dives evenly for stability. Then turn the radio OFF to save the settings. It was delivered next day, and the installation instructors provided with the software was very good, there is no need for me to repeat them here. I bought my cable & software from Cable-Shack. However, there were no instructions on how to use or code with NCS Expert, hence this article. If there is no passenger, that front airbag wont even go off to save repair costs. NCS Expert / INPA Installation Guide - Windows 10, NCS Expert / INPA Installation Guide - Windows 7. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Want to know your odometer reading but no key... no problem. General E46 Forum. (Along with a timer that prevents the motors from burning out if in use too long). ( Log Out /  (Along with the explosive seatbelt tensioners). Use the pre-set buttons to change stations in the mode. In Euro delivery cars, there is a warning triangle in a blue plastic case that bolts to the left rear of the trunk and a first aid kit under the passenger seat. This is where you can change stuff! Hey Niro, thanks for your comment. You can read the odometer with the car off; all you have to do is press the needle on the left. Just press the computer toggle button at the end of the turn signal lever. You can change radio station on the steering wheel by holding up/down button longer to scan to next station rather than pre-set ones. I am by no means an expert, but I have recently got the software & a cable to code on my E46, and I struggled for quite some time on finding a really in depth & detailed how-to guide. 16, Then click Execute job button (or press F3 key), 17, Hopefully it has read the ECU & NCS has written a new file. I know the parameter name begins with “FH_ABS”, so I’ve searched for that, 23, Make the changes you need to in the .MAN file, then Save it. In my case, I wanted to modify something in my GM5 module. The car should now respond correctly to what you have coded! If you look on your roof, there will be two flaps on each side that are plastic and body colors. Navigate back to NCS Expert, and click Change job (or press F2), 24, Change the job to SG_CODIEREN, this now changes the function of NCS to *writing* to the ECU, not reading it. It will then show the serial number of the unit. Then click Execute job button (or press F3), 26, Hopefully nothing scary happened. 1st-belt contact, seat belt fastened=0; 2) ignition lock contact, key inserted=0; 3) door contact, door open=0; 4) clock button pressed=0; 5) SI reset=0, for reset=0; 6) EGS transmission failure=0 THANK YOU, Your email address will not be published. The airbag system is 2 stage deployable depending on if the seat belts are latched. NCS Expert coding detailed how-to guide – E46 This is, hopefully, the most complete how-to guide for using NCS Expert to code a BMW. Use the Find to find what you are looking for in this file. With that said, here’s my guide, 1, Get into car, ignition off, plug in lead. ( Log Out /  km to refuel (momentary distance to go), 109330+ Fuel level averaged; Left half sensor input=10.9 liters; Right sensor input=33.0 liters, 0439+ Total tank level averaged; vlgs 6.0: 10.9+33.0=43.9 liters, 0442+ Indicated value (44.2) and tank phase, 30 Ambient/Outside temperature - chg met 5 pts. The safety strip along each window and sunroof that detects obstructions and retracts them. keep pressing until display shows 9.0 to view battery voltage, which should read 12.5, if not battery faulty. I use 1 with the windows closed, and 5 when it's a nice enough day to drive with the windows open, which makes for a lot of ambient noise at speed. NCS should report “Coding ended” above JOBNAME, 18, A file named FSW_PSW.TRC should have been written to the /NCSEXPERT/WORK folder, navigate to it, and Copy the file, 19, Paste the file somewhere safe, as a backup. [E46] INPA And Coding etc. You’re done! Goto File > Load Profile, 6, Select the profile. There is also a first aid kit under the passengers seat. If you push the unlock button on the remote once it will unlock the driver door, for '02s if you push the unlock button on the remote twice it will unlock all the doors…then once all that is done.... push and hold the unlock button on the remote the windows will start to roll down... then the sunroof will open too. You can remove them and there is a little hole in each one that accepts the. Other coding options maybe available that are not listed. Interior lights can be turn off when you open/close door or shut the engine down. E46Fanatics > E46 BMW > General E46 Forum: INPA/NCS Cheat Sheet? it is attached below (please note i dont take any credit for this document but would like to share with everyone as its hard to find information on NCS codes. There is a compartment by your leg when you are in the drivers seat. If not, you’re done. Flashing the high beams after ignition is turned off will leave the headlamps on for a pre-set amount of time for security while parking the vehicle. it is attached below (please note i dont take any credit for this document but would like to share with everyone as its hard to find information on NCS codes. The fact that the car goes into "sleep" mode after 16 minutes of inactivity to reduce battery drain and eliminate dead batteries from "left on" accessories (lights, etc). The windshield defrost vent will throw warm air regardless if the a/c is on and temp. The computer read-out lights up with the odometer reading. This is purely how to physically use NCS Expert, and how to read & write to the FSW_PSW file in order to change settings & functions on the car. The mode you want will display as "GAL (1-6)". Tips and tricks to get the secret codes out of your BMW E46 The 1998-2006 BMW 3 Series, better known as the E46 is one well built german car with what seems to be a lot of hidden features that are not that obvious. There is a trunk release right above the hood release (not on all cars). When holding the 'm' button for this procedure, the display should not do this - you will continue to see 'ST' for the ten seconds. I’m not going to go into how to install NCS, or what parameters to code in this article. So you want to be absolutely 100% sure that you have saved the .MAN file correctly, and the changes you have done you are happy with, 25, Take a deep breath, make 100% sure that it says JOBNAME = SG_CODIEREN, make sure your laptop battery isn’t going to die, make sure the lead isn’t going to fall out! 9. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Required fields are marked *. Please read it fully if you want to understand, this isnt exactly a quick cheat sheet guide. Apparently "there's a cheat code in the software running the, When you have your wipers on fast and medium (don't know what you call it) Anyways if you come to a stop it'll go to intermittent. This is, hopefully, the most complete how-to guide for using NCS Expert to code a BMW. I have found a great pdf document which explains the NCS expert coding list, and options for the E46 bmw. There is an exterior trunk release above the license plate and under the ledge. 15, IMPORTANT, make absolutely sure that the JOBNAME = CODIERDATEN_LESEN. The car is so quiet with the windows closed that setting 1 is fine. 22, I find it best to search in Notepad for what I want to change. radio), Left Side Mirror will tilt in reverse (check to make sure your mirror selection switch is in centre or left position to use this feature). There is a "secret" compartment underneath my car's armrest and a Coin box in center console.


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