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White Engravers.[28]. [citation needed], Wyatt Earp biographer Stuart N. Lake[10] popularized the myth of the Buntline Special.

United States Army orders also began in May, and 127,157 had been delivered before a 5 October 1864 fire put Colt's factory out of operation for the duration of hostilities.[2]. Corral were armed with this rifle and pistol combination. Colt 1860 Army Civilian Model. When the Colt Model 1860 was used by 19th century soldiers, they most often loaded the gun using paper cartridges. The Colt Model 1862 Police Percussion Revolver was manufactured from 1861 through to circa 1873 in their own serial range from serial number 1 through to approx. In his highly fictionalized biography, Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal, published in 1931, he wrote that Earp and four other lawmen—Bat Masterson, Bill Tilghman, Charlie Bassett and Neal Brown—were each presented with a customized revolver with a 12-inch-long (300 mm) barrel. A few of the very early models can be found with the Navy size grip and are considered rare. $75.00. They served as raw material for early enthusiasts such as Elmer Keith, Harold Croft and R. F. Sedgley who modified the revolvers to enhance performance and experimented with more effective ammunition. Manufacturing of the Colt Cowboy was discontinued in 2003.[25]. Original Colt Army 1860 Navy 1851 1861 Hammer. These are found with British proof-marks (not always) and with the New York address or the very rare and desirable address of ‘ADDRESS COL. COLT LONDON’. [8] This gun was chambered in .45 Colt, a centerfire design containing charges of up to 40 grains (2.6 g) of fine-grained black powder and a 255-grain (16.5 g) blunt roundnosed bullet. The main variation was the early full fluted cylinder Army which appears in a serial range from serial number 3 to about 8000. The Great Western revolvers were manufactured in Los Angeles. Watch; Unmarked BP Uberti 1851 1860 Colt steel … Buy It Now +$15.05 shipping. The one-piece walnut grips were varnished with the trigger-guard silver-plated on civilian guns and the grips on military contract guns were oil finished and the brass trigger-guard left bear. Uberti is now owned by Beretta, producer of the Beretta Stampede. This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 17:42. [10], From 1875 until 1880 Colt marketed a single-action revolver in .44 rimfire Henry caliber in a separate number range from no.

Cartridge ejection is via the spring-loaded rod housed in a tube on the right side of the barrel. This "solid head" case is stronger and resists deformation of the primer pocket. [12], In 1896, at serial number 164,100, a spring-loaded base pin latch replaced the cylinder pin retaining screw and by 1900, at serial number 192,000, the Colt Single Action was certified for use with smokeless powder. The 44-40 was also promoted as the standard chambering for the new, hugely successful, Winchester Model 1873 rifle. A measured amount of black powder is poured into a chamber. Colt manufactured 914 of these revolvers with a frame that was flat on top and fitted with an adjustable leaf rear sight. The Navy also has a different barrel length, it being 8″ … [22], These Second Generation Colt Single Action Army revolvers were produced from 1956 to 1974 and carried serial numbers in the range of 0001SA to 73,205SA. The second and third style (most common) attachable shoulder stocks were made for the Colt 1860 Army, a rare variation being the stock having the canteen insert. The 1860 Army went on to serve the U.S. military even after the Civil War and into the Indian Wars, until production of Colt’s 1873 Single Action Army created new waves in the revolver market, and again achieved great success in the military and commercial markets. A. … Arizona is the second state to have an official firearm, following Utah's adoption of the Colt M1911 pistol. [10][19], Surveys of existing Bisley show that a much larger number of ​4 3⁄4″ Bisleys, perhaps as high as 62%, have survived as compared to the ​5 1⁄2″ and ​7 1⁄2″ barreled guns. .38-40 and .32-20 (.32 WCF) also qualify as "Frontier Calibers" because 1873 and 1892 Winchesters were made in these calibers, offering the same convenience as the 44-40 (44WCF) caliber, namely using the same cartridge in both revolver and rifle. Colt Frontier Six-Shooter was the actual name of the Colt pistol model, and this was acid-etched on the left side of the barrel. 331916 was shipped after the First World War. Here is a colt Navy; And here is the colt Army. [38], The power, accuracy and handling qualities of the Single Action Army (SAA) made it a popular sidearm from its inception, well into the 20th century. or Best Offer +$5.00 shipping. Free shipping. Time left 1d 3h left. The United States Navy ordered 750 fluted cylinder revolvers in May 1861 later issued to ships enforcing the Atlantic and Gulf blockade. This cams the cylinder bolt out of engagement and allows the cylinder to rotate for loading.

[24], Colt manufactured Third Generation Buntlines and New Frontiers through the Colt Custom Shop, as well as many engraved pistols. In the higher serial range above 158000 some Colt 1860 Armies were shipped to London from the Hartford factory. The serial number for this series started at S02001A and continued to use the "S" prefix and "A" suffix to 2009. More than 200,000 were manufactured from 1860 through 1873.

[19] All Bisleys after No. The late 1890s with increased urbanization in the West suggests the possibility that many of these pistols were companions to the lever action rifles of the same period and that the low slung hammer, less humped backstrap, and short barrel may have suited the city dwelling suit-coat-wearing clientele who still found themselves outdoors not only on horses but in buggies and automobiles. For sealing each chamber, an over-size 0.454-inch-diameter (11.5 mm) lead ball is trimmed slightly by the loading ram to enter the chamber. Military contract guns have inspector cartouches on the grips and stampings in the form of a single or double letter on some of the metal parts.

Colt engraved about one percent of its first generation production of the Single Action Army revolver, which makes these engraved models extremely rare and valuable with collectors. The weapon was a single-action, six-shot weapon accurate up to 75 to 100 yards, where the fixed sights were typically set when manufactured. Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders charged up San Juan Hill wielding the .45 caliber Artillery Model. It was used as a side arm by cavalry, infantry, artillery troops, and naval forces. McAulay, John D. "Colt's 'New Model Holster Pistol' In The Civil War", Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, The Colt Revolver in the American West—Model 1860 Army,, Paper-wrapped .44 caliber round and conical ball (.

This is identified as the "Pre War" or "First Generation" of the model. [29] Drawn back about half way, the hammer engages the second notch. [19] The most common calibers were .32-20, .38-40, .45 Colt, .44-40, .41 Colt, and the British calibers .450 Eley and .455 Eley. (ibid wilson) Fluted cylinders had the patent date of Sept. 10, 1850 stamped in one of the flutes.

Then a percussion cap was placed onto the raised aperture, called a nipple, at the back end of the chamber. [19], The Bisley mainspring is longer than the SAA mainspring, and the two are not interchangeable; it is attached to the hammer with a stirrup via a forked upper end. The factory engravers of the period were Alvin Herbert, Earl Bieu, Dennis Kies, Robert Burt, Steve Kamyk and Leonard Francolini. By April 1861, 2,230 of Colt's earliest production went to dealers south of the Mason–Dixon line. [10], From 1873 through 1940 (with small numbers assembled during and after World War II, the so-called "Pre-War, Post-War" model), production of the Colt Single Action Army reached 357,859.
After 1889, the legend was roll-stamped until 1919, when the caliber designation ".44-40" was added. [7], The Colt Single Action Army revolver, along with the 1870 and 1875 Smith & Wesson Model 3 "Schofield" revolver, replaced the Colt 1860 Army Percussion revolver. Within days, Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill into law. There is also some pitting on the barrel towards the muzzle. [26] This tradition began with the founder, Samuel Colt, who regularly gave such examples away as a means of publicity for Colt. However, many users adopted the practice of leaving one empty chamber under the hammer, because a sharp blow could damage the mechanism and allow a fully loaded revolver to fire.

These usually have blued steel back-straps and blued steel trigger-guards. Loading is a somewhat lengthy process, with each of the six chambers drilled into the revolving cylinder being loaded from the front, or "muzzle" end. [20], Bisleys were serial-numbered in the range of 156300–331916, in the same sequence as the Single Action Army. The safety notch replaced pins on the rear of the percussion revolver cylinders, which served the same purpose as the safety position, by preventing hammer contact with the primer/percussion cap. In 1898, 14,900 of the SAA revolvers were altered the same way by Springfield Armory. It was designated "Revolver Cartridge" and loaded with 28 grains of black powder and a bullet of 230 grain.
Watch; Tooled Leather 1851 1858 1860 Holster Western Cowboy Ruger Uberti Colt Pietta. Until its dissolution in 2017, U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. [27], About 400 of the Second Generation Colt Single Actions were factory-engraved by Colt. [8] In 1920, larger, highly visible sights replaced the original thin blade and notch. Grips are very good with 75% of the original varnish remaining. They were manufactured at Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, PA, through 1874. These models are known either as "Late Third Generation" or sometimes Fourth Generation.


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